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It has been one heck of a week learning how to run a successful auto body business! First up for me was Dave Luehr on Tuesday April 12th at his Operations Monthly Live webcast. The topic was Improving Your Customer service and Dave shared

  • The customer experience is only as good as your business culture.
  • What customers really want, and how you can deliver it.
  • The 3 Emotional Triggers that must be met to create an engaged customer.
  • The process of… NOT processing your customers.

The one big takeaway for me was “Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”

You can become a member of the Elite body Shop Solutions for free then, if you like what you see you can join Operations Monthly Live or one of Dave’s mastermind groups here

I know you are busy being busy, but I can assure you that Dave will help you get your life back if you simply plug into his body shop management opportunities.

On Wednesday April 13th we did a tour of the AsTech call center in Dallas Texas. What a wealth of information we received from Jake Rodenrath and Jean-Luc Sauriol! Did you know that:

  • AsTech has dropped its prices on pre and post-repair scans? 
  • If you pay your invoice on time (most shops simply use a credit card) you get a 25% savings!
  • AsTech can help you do dynamic vehicle calibrations using an app on your phone?
  • You can buy OEM targets for a reasonable amount and AsTech can help you do the static calibrations?

You can view the new Canadian price list here and if you want to watch the recording of the webinar you can access it on the SAAR YouTube channel here.

Performance Management Live Virtual Training: Overcoming Objections to Scanning and Calibrations

Nell Wheeler-Mislang from Axalta Coatings sent me the following information about a training event that her company will be providing to all body shops whether you are their customer or not. 

This 4-hour Live Virtual Training will teach participants how to overcome objections to scanning and calibrations. Attendees will gain insight into basic scanning diagnostics and learn why it is necessary to look beyond Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). Participants will learn how to utilize a host of software programs to improve the quality of their repair plans.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • OEM vs aftermarket scan tools
  • What is and is not included in the scanning
  • Basic scanning diagnostics
  • What triggers DTCs and what doesn’t the two types of calibrations and how to identify them early in the repair planning process
  • Why test drives are important and considerations for performing and documenting them

When: May 10-11, 2021

Cost: $179 per participant

Register at by clicking the course link on the homepage. Your contact for this eNews is Andrea Baxter.

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Kristen Felder from Collision Hub or Repair University? 

An industry recognized leader with a lifetime of experience in the collision repair and insurance industries. Born with a paint gun in her hand and marketing in her soul, Kristen is changing the Collision Repair Industry one story at a time.

2011 Society of Collision Repair Specialist Industry Service Award, 2011 Finalist Car Council’s Woman of the Year, 2010 Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) Impact Award- Top Four Executives Under Forty, 2007 AkzoNobel Most Influential Women.

Her website Collision Hub Repair University  has videos on how to research OEM repair procedures for all the major brands – you must check it out here. I recommend your estimators bookmark these videos and refer to them often.

APRIL 22ND from 11am till 12:30pm CST

SGI and Mitchell International invite you to join them for a live demonstration of the Mitchell/Bosch TS21 ADAS static calibration system.

In addition, they will provide an overview of the Mitchell MD500 Diagnostic Scan tool. Add to your Calendar here

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID:  884 5634 5105

SAAR is hosting a Lunch & Learn on Tuesday April 20th from 12 noon till 1 pm to help you understand how this tool can help your shop. In addition, we will be showcasing some of the new services like Scrubber Wiki where each user can add repair tips and procedures that will be shared with all users.! You literally will have the potential for all of the estimating knowledge in the province at your fingertips! You can join the Lunch & Learn Webinar here:

Time: Apr 20, 2021 12 Noon CST

Join Zoom Meeting

Or you can dial in at – 1-204-272-7920

Meeting ID: 853 892-9 0535 Passcode: 562139

Why is Customer Service Important for Your Collision Repair Business?

Customer service has always been an important component of the collision repair experience for insurance carriers. However now, this metric has even more weight than ever before.

The collision repair industry has historically carried a negative association, with the assumption that repair facilities are dirty and poorly run. Improving the reputation of the collision industry has been a collective effort. Now, public and private insurers are both looking to send their valued customers to facilities that go the extra mile.

This is why customer service is so important.

Click here to learn more!

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The ARA Group Benefits plan has proven to offer significant savings and stable renewals. The association group plan is insured by Sun Life and is one of the largest in Canada, covering over 3,000 employees and their families. All revenue generated by the plan is used to support the automotive industry through the ARA.

 What is the difference of an association plan? The ARA employee benefits plans are self-administered by the association which runs as a not for profit. This means that members of the plan can use more plan for less cost than any other plan available outside of the association. For example, the ARA can obtain a target loss ratio (TLR) of 85%. This is 15-20% higher than most employee benefits plans offered in Saskatchewan.

 What is a target loss ratio? It is essentially the percentage of premiums paid that can be used towards benefits. Most plans offer a TLR of 70%, while the other 30% goes to administration costs, commissions, etc. Since ARA self-administers, it can increase your TLR by 15% meaning employees can use more of the plan without the worry of seeing an increase in premiums the following year.

 What does this all mean for SAAR members? Well to start, it is the opportunity to participate in one of the largest, longest running and most stable association plans in Canada. You have the chance to get more out of your group benefits plan while saving money along the way. So far, we have seen a 5-25% savings in premiums along with many improvements to current benefit plans. We encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity.

 How do I get on the plan? First, we would gather information and supply you with a quote. We will provide you with a comparison if you currently have a plan. We will also help you to analyze your plan to ensure you have the coverage you and your employees need. If you feel satisfied, we will implement the new plan the following month. If you wish, getting a quote is free and only takes about 10 minutes out of your day to supply us with the proper information.

If you wish to obtain a free quote and comparison, please feel free to contact one of our team members and we will happily help.

We look forward to working with you!

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