A quick note, the golf tournament is sold out! If you wish to play, send me an email at dir@s-a-a-r.com and if someone cannot attend, I will go to this list on a first come first serve basis.
Friday morning Dave Luehr will join us to talk about Elite Level Operational Performance.
How to build a continuous workflow business model in your shop and massively improve your profitability, quality, and cycle time.

In Elite Level Operational Performance, you will learn how to take simplified principles used by the world’s leading collision repairers and implement them in any shop of any size.
Tired of inconsistent results from one repair job to the next? You are not going to want to miss this program!

You will learn…

·        Basics of scheduling and maintaining optimal work in process.
·        Modern appraisal systems.
·        Measuring both admin and production cycle times.
·        Building blocks of a continuous workflow business model.
·        Creating your own production ready criteria.
·        The next generation of production teams.

Don’t forget that Dave has a limited number of 1/2 hour one-on-one mentoring sessions at no cost to you. Simply email me at dir@s-a-a-r.com to secure your spot.

Don Pogoda will join us later in the day to talk about The Game of Work where he will share his experience over the last 30 years maximizing productivity while having fun doing it. Did you know that People will pay for the privilege to work harder than they will when they are being paid? You will learn the secrets of:FeedbackScorekeepingGoal SettingConsistent CoachingPersonal ChoiceYou don’t want to miss these two men and the fantastic content they have to share, join us by registering at
OEM Repair Procedures 
Did you know that ALLDATA Collision repair can help you not only with repair procedures but they also have a handy list of inspections that must be performed after the repairs are complete – check it out here https://youtu.be/xxzdFD2Qpfo
 Did You Know that there is a Saskatchewan Auto Recyclers Association in our province? You can check them out and find some new contacts at https://saskautorecyclers.ca/
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One of our exciting new sponsors is Unilite Canada and their head office is located in Saskatoon! You can check out their amazing line of products here:
Be sure to stop by their booth at our Friday September 10th Trade Show at the Saskatoon Inn to view their cool lighting products!  
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The ARA Group Benefits plan has proven to offer significant savings and stable renewals. The association group plan is insured by Sun Life and is one of the largest in Canada, covering over 3,000 employees and their families. All revenue generated by the plan is used to support the automotive industry through the ARA. What is the difference of an association plan? The ARA employee benefits plans are self-administered by the association which runs as a not for profit. This means that members of the plan can use more plan for less cost than any other plan available outside of the association. For example, the ARA can obtain a target loss ratio (TLR) of 85%. This is 15-20% higher than most employee benefits plans offered in Saskatchewan. What is a target loss ratio? It is essentially the percentage of premiums paid that can be used towards benefits. Most plans offer a TLR of 70%, while the other 30% goes to administration costs, commissions, etc. Since ARA self-administers, it can increase your TLR by 15% meaning employees can use more of the plan without the worry of seeing an increase in premiums the following year. What does this all mean for SAAR members? Well to start, it is the opportunity to participate in one of the largest, longest running and most stable association plans in Canada. You have the chance to get more out of your group benefits plan while saving money along the way. So far, we have seen a 5-25% savings in premiums along with many improvements to current benefit plans. We encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity. How do I get on the plan? First, we would gather information and supply you with a quote. We will provide you with a comparison if you currently have a plan. We will also help you to analyze your plan to ensure you have the coverage you and your employees need. If you feel satisfied, we will implement the new plan the following month. If you wish, getting a quote is free and only takes about 10 minutes out of your day to supply us with the proper information. If you wish to obtain a free quote and comparison, please feel free to contact one of our team members and we will happily help. We look forward to working with you! Leslie DeBoice                         Lee Campbell                             Ken Campbell306-649-4000 x.111               306-649-4000 x.104               306-649-4000 x. 103leslie.deboice@sunlife.com  lee.campbell@sunlife.com  ken.campbell@sunlife.com