It appears that we will have close to 200 people attending our event and we have 26 suppliers on display at our Trade show on Friday evening. SAAR will be providing masks and a Gaiter to all attendees and we ask that everyone respects COVID protocols – use hand sanitizer, elbow bumps instead of handshakes and respect people’s space.
You can check out the full agenda hereand the Trade Show map hereTicket sales end on Tuesday September 7th.
For those of you who cannot attend the event in person you can connect via ZOOM
 ASPEN is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: SAAR Conference 2021 Sept 9 + 10 + 11

Time: Sep 10, 2021, 08:00 AM SaskatchewanJoin Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 810 2300 9063

Passcode: 625386 One tap mobile +14388097799,81023009063# Canada
 You can use the above link at any time during the three days to watch the presentations live. They will also be recorded and made available for review.
Technical Committee Update 
I thought we were going to be making some big announcements regarding items like structural adhesives and sealants but the folks at SGI are hedging on that issue as they are not convinced that they are not already paying more than enough for shop materials.
With that in mind they are looking for some help from our membership. Ciaran Downes would like us to compile a materials job costing on 100 repair jobs illustrating what SGI allows for material compared to what it actually costs the shop.
We will have to clearly define what shop materials are. For example, we do not use as much body filler as we did in the good old days but we now burn through $20 boron drill bits and $400 rolls of high strength welding wire. We will need to sit down and put together a comprehensive list of shop materials then construct a reporting document for shops to fill out on each job.
Ideally, we would like 10 or more shops to participate, the more shops the less work for each one.
If you can help with this project, please let me know at
 Being in the body shop business today can be hectic. Do yourself a favor and take 2 minutes to read this article from Fadeke and the Doist Team.

In our productivity-focused world, it’s easy to fixate on the future: the next task, the upcoming time-block, the project phase ahead. We rarely take time to stop what we’re doing, sit down, and soak in the lessons we’ve learned along the way. In Ryan Holiday’s book, Stillness Is the Key, he defines what achieving the titular concept looks like:

“To be steady while the world spins around you. To act without frenzy. To hear only what needs to be heard. To possess quietude—exterior and interior—on command.”

When to-dos are piling up on our lists, deadlines are looming, and our calendars are packed, achieving stillness hardly feels like a priority. But it’s in moments of quiet contemplation that we can actually reflect, recharge, and do our best thinking.

Here are three ways to take time for stillness, even when our days and weeks show no signs of slowing down:Start a journaling practice: In finding time for stillness, Holiday suggests the practice of journaling (or “hupomnemata”, notes to oneself) for the following effect: “To silence the barking dogs in your head. To prepare for the day ahead. To reflect on the day that has passed.” The benefits of journaling are innumerable –– from committing your ideas to memory to writing your ambitions into existence. Whether you’re putting pencil to the page or typing your thoughts, sitting silently to think and reflect is a 15-minute habit worth making time for.Step back from digital distractions: When it comes to the feeling of franticness, our devices don’t help. From an endless stream of notifications to the infinite scroll of social media, a world of distraction is at our fingertips. Create situations for stillness by decluttering your digital life, including taking a break from social media and using technology more mindfully. Use newfound time for activities that let you pause, whether that’s going on a long walk or simply sitting in nature.Complete a weekly review: The weekly review is a recurring recommendation of ours –– in fact, Becky recently suggested the practice in a newsletter on GTD tips. But the value of this once-a-week ritual can’t be understated. Taking just an hour each week to reflect on what’s happened and forge your plans for moving forward is a powerful practice in getting off the to-do treadmill and approaching our time with more intention.  Life rarely puts us in a position to pause. Instead, we have to create moments of stillness for ourselves to harness the power of reflection and find calm in our busy world.

Fadeke and the Doist Team
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 Hello, my name is Winston Mah and I was involved in a hit and run hitting my vehicle and nearly hitting a pedestrian and I was wondering if I could get your help. On August 29 my vehicle was in a hit and run and there were witnesses but unfortunately unable to get a licence number. There is a police report and there was part of the offending vehicle that was left at the scene of the crime. It was a part of the front fender (passenger side) of a black chevy equinox 2009–2013-part number 25795282>PP<

So if there is any vehicle that matches a black/dark navy chevy equinox that needs repair on the front fender (with paint transfer from the burgundy paint body or silver from gearbox) please contact me at or 306-717-7032 Thank you for your time Winston

“There’s no point growing your top line in a way that jeopardizes your bottom line…or your Brand reputation.”
…Donald Cooper
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The ARA Group Benefits plan has proven to offer significant savings and stable renewals. The association group plan is insured by Sun Life and is one of the largest in Canada, covering over 3,000 employees and their families. All revenue generated by the plan is used to support the automotive industry through the ARA. What is the difference of an association plan? The ARA employee benefits plans are self-administered by the association which runs as a not for profit. This means that members of the plan can use more plan for less cost than any other plan available outside of the association. For example, the ARA can obtain a target loss ratio (TLR) of 85%. This is 15-20% higher than most employee benefits plans offered in Saskatchewan. What is a target loss ratio? It is essentially the percentage of premiums paid that can be used towards benefits. Most plans offer a TLR of 70%, while the other 30% goes to administration costs, commissions, etc. Since ARA self-administers, it can increase your TLR by 15% meaning employees can use more of the plan without the worry of seeing an increase in premiums the following year. What does this all mean for SAAR members? Well to start, it is the opportunity to participate in one of the largest, longest running and most stable association plans in Canada. You have the chance to get more out of your group benefits plan while saving money along the way. So far, we have seen a 5-25% savings in premiums along with many improvements to current benefit plans. We encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity. How do I get on the plan? First, we would gather information and supply you with a quote. We will provide you with a comparison if you currently have a plan. We will also help you to analyze your plan to ensure you have the coverage you and your employees need. If you feel satisfied, we will implement the new plan the following month. If you wish, getting a quote is free and only takes about 10 minutes out of your day to supply us with the proper information. If you wish to obtain a free quote and comparison, please feel free to contact one of our team members and we will happily help. We look forward to working with you! Leslie DeBoice                         Lee Campbell                             Ken Campbell306-649-4000 x.111               306-649-4000 x.104               306-649-4000 x.