I was talking to my friend Darryl Simmons from Collision Repair Magazine last week about getting a print subscription for SAAR – I’ve been reading their magazines online but I do like the paper version. Darryl says he would be happy to set any of our members up with a free subscription if you don’t already have one. You can go to their website here http://mediamatters.ca/subscribe/ and sign up for free. It is a great publication with lots of great information, I highly recommend it!


I have been in touch with the Mitchell Estimating Database editors and asked them that if I could show them OEM repair procedures that called for things like panel bonding adhesives, sealants, foam and rivets and they were not in the Mitchell Estimating Database, would they put them in at their earliest convenience? Here is the reply I got:

Yes – we will continue to be supporting structural adhesives and structural rivets in the database where we can identify them as required from the OEM procedures.

 One challenge we run into is when an OEM doesn’t have a private label adhesive but endorses a 3M or a Lord/Fusor or the like.  The way the database works, Mitchell can only list a generic “Adhesive” with an N.A. part number and a $0.0 price.  This is what we do today.  Non-OEM parts can’t come from the CEG database and to further complicate it we don’t have data license agreements with 3M or Fusor anyway to allow the use and publication of their data or pricing in our product.  I’d love to be able to solve that one day.

 With those caveats out of the way, we will absolutely accept database inquiries for missing adhesive and rivets that the industry uncovers.  

I sent a request in this morning and by the end of the day the changes were made to the database and you will see them in the January 2021 update. 

If you come across a job where the OEM procedures call for these materials but they are not in the Mitchell Estimating Database send me a copy of the Estimate along with supporting OEM Documentation and I will send it into the Mitchell editorial team. 


I posted Donald’s latest Blog this past Wednesday December the 9th on the SAAR Facebook page, you really should read the whole article and get the free downloads but I thought I would share a snippet of his intro – his cookie recipes!

This is the time of year for baking cookies: Every December I offer my 2 fav cookie recipes…and we always get great feedback!  Here they are:


  1. A) The first is for the best Traditional Shortbread Cookies you’ll ever make…and so simple. This recipe, for melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies, has only 4 ingredients. To download the recipe, click here.
  2. B) The second recipe is for amazing Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal and Pecan Cookies that were originally made famous by a small bakery in Dorset, Ontario. We used to fly to Dorset in my brother’s floatplane just to buy these great cookies. They were that good. But, one day, the bakery owner did a costing on the cookies and determined that he was losing money. So, rather than just put up the price, he stopped offering his best seller. The cookie that made him famous!


There’s a great business lesson here for all of us, and it’s this, “Do whatever you do really, really well…and then have the guts to charge a decent price for it.” Remember, nobody will ever think you’re worth more than you do.


Anyway, back to the cookies. The lady who worked in the bakery took pity on us and secretly gave us the famous recipe…and now, we share it with you. Just click here.


We are still planning to work towards an Accreditation Program for the PDR Industry but as COVID continues to lock us down the progress is slow.We hope that working with Sask Polytechnic we can come up with a reasonable solution in 2021, most likely after March. In the meantime, in case shops missed it here are the Access Allowances for PDR currently allowed by SGI.

SAAR is currently running a Pilot Project on the Test Drive Co-Pilot so that we can gather data to present to SGI proving the need for shops to do Test Drives on all repaired vehicles but especially those with ADAS Safety Components.

Does your business or one you know presently perform, sublet or plan to perform ADAS recalibrations? If so you and they need to check out Calibration CoPilot™, (https://www.calcopilot.com/the-platform), the best way to offer, perform, manage and document ADAS recalibrations! 

 We are presently offering a limited number of businesses the opportunity to use our Calibration CoPilot™ platform (https://www.calcopilot.com/the-platform), at NO CHARGE for a limited period of time. Interested? Contact us here: https://www.calcopilot.com/contact-us.


I have known John Gustafson for over 10 years and he is one amazing guy. Four years ago Barb and I visited his shop in Huntington Beach California and he gave us a tour of the impressive facility. We stopped in on a Saturday and here’s John dressed like you see him in the picture, working as the lot attendant meeting customers and driving their vehicles in for an estimate. A totally humble guy that is absolutely crushing it at his impressive collision/mechanical/auto glass facility. 

Some cool facts: his shop is located right in the middle of oil country California, in the lot next door to him was a working pumpjack! His lot is 5 acres with the shop comprising 25,000 square feet and the circumference of the property a covered car park with solar panels all across the top of it! 

Check out the article in the link below of the fantastic training program that John and his wife set up to expose young people to the collision business. I wonder if there is anything SAAR could do to start a Camp for Potential Collision Repair Technicians or is there a shop or Polytechnic that would do this?



Check out Quickbooks for the Collision Industry by Tony Passwater


QuickBooks for the Collision Repair Industry … 

The Bookkeeper’s Basics VLIVE™

This Program includes:

  • Eight Weekly Sessions (8 hours) VLIVE™ Training
  • Weekly Handson Training exercises (8 hours).

This is the most comprehensive QuickBooks Basics training program ever offered specifically for the collision repair industry. This program includes all bookkeeping transactions based on the Collision Repair Industry:

  • Proper QuickBooks Workflow Setup
  • Accounts Payable – From Beginner to Advanced Level Processes
  • Account Receivables – From Beginner to Advanced Level Processes
  • Adjustments– From Beginner to Advanced Level Processes
  • Banking and Credit Cards – From Beginner to Advanced Level Processes
  • Payroll Options
  • Month End and Year End Closing Overview
  • Advanced Reporting, Exporting, and Benchmarking

During this program attendees will be provided a QuickBooks Desktop, Collision Industry Specific Company File, for interactive handson transaction training, along with a comprehensive course workbook.

During each Session, there will be both manual transaction entry and management system importing examples to test your learning.

Who Should Attend ?

This program is intended for the company’s bookkeeper, comptroller, or one that wishes to learn the proper processes in QuickBooks to perform bookkeeping.

This program is for QuickBooks Desktop Users including QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions. It is not designed for QuickBooks Online Users.

This program will include examples utilizing a 3rd party management system (Primarily CCCone) as well as ones without a 3rd party management system.


Upon successful completion of the program and passing the module review questions attendees will receive 32 credits from Automotive Management Institute (AMI) and a Certification of Collision Industry Bookkeeping Excellence



The cost to attend is $495.00.

There are discounts available for registering at least 25 days in advance.


Sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays for eight consecutive weeks. You must decide which day of the week you will attend the VLIVE™ Sessions.

For more information: Email: Events@QuickBooksRus.net