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Mitchell software now allows users to select the not-included operation of conducting weld tests, the DEG reported in a tip tweeted Oct. 19.

“Recent updates to Mitchell MCE and ULTRAMATE program will now display ‘Labor for Destructive Testing as NOT INCLUDED,” the DEG wrote.

“Mitchell users can find this operation located in the ‘Ref Sheet>> Additional Operations>> Welding>> Destructive Weld Testing’ in both Mitchell products. This will require an on-the-spot evaluation.”

Experts have described test welds as a necessary best practice before welding on any vehicle, and more than one automaker has explicitly demanded it on any of their models.

However, repairers must add the operation manually in all three estimating services if they want to capture what one body shop manager has called “super time-consuming.”

Certain repairs might require 3-4 welders to be tested and involve different metal thicknesses, SCRS board member Michael Bradshaw (K&M Collision) told an SCRS open board meeting last year.

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If you are currently working to achieve OEM Repairer status through Certified collision Car and you only need to get your welding certification SAAR has been in contact with a company that will come directly to your shop and certify your employees on your own equipment. 

This company has been vetted by Certified Collision Care and they are poised to help Saskatchewan shops qualify for the new SQARP Certification. 
If this is for you send me an email at and I will get you set up!

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For those of you that have the SGI Inspection designation I has a call from a shop asking about the requirement of 3D measuring for these facilities. Here is a reply from Brent Nielsen at SGI.

From a Vehicle Standards & Inspections (VS&I) standpoint for Certified Body Integrity Inspection Stations, a print-out from a computerized 3-D measurement system will be required at the time of initial inspection of the vehicle, and once all repairs have been made, and as required in accordance with the approved repair procedures.

The inspection stations will not necessarily be required to have the equipment; however, they are responsible to ensure the vehicle meets the OEM dimensional body specifications and are required to document this by having the copies of the print-out from a computerized 3D measurement system. If inspection stations are looking into purchasing a system and are wondering if it would be satisfactory to use for the BI process, they should be directed to contact an SGI VS&I Safety Officer.

I hope this helps,

Brent Nielsen

Acting Manager 

Vehicle Standards and Inspection

Saskatchewan Government Insurance

Ph: 306-775-6190


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For those of you that offer towing and storage, here is a quick note from Harv Britton 

“Just for everyone’s info, the VIP program in regard to towing and storage just increased rates by 2.4% based on inflation this was from two years ago. So, a hookup fee went from &65 to &$67.89 still below market value but as one of our members of executive put it at least it is an increase that is built into the rate structure and is set out by legislation in the Motor vehicles act. On a side note, we charge $80.00 per hookup for claims.

So, there be may some precedent set for a yearly increase.  I agree we should look for the cost-of-living increase and cost recovery on All data and Mitchell, Administration base on the similar to the T/L rate structure.”

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Many of the shops that switched to the ARA in the past year and half are experiencing their first renewal as of January 1, and I can honestly say, I think they were all pleasantly surprised. The average renewal we saw with the ARA was about 1.5%. For those of you with current benefits in place you know that a renewal that low is not something you would usually see. With Covid-19 causing Disability cases to skyrocket, outside of the ARA we are seeing our plans increase an average of 30%.

It has been almost 2 years since we partnered with the ARA, we have built a strong relationship and they have earned our trust. They have proven that they have a solid plan, great customer service and lower rates when compared to a standard plan.

We are now working on new quotes for the New Year. Contact us to see how we can help you save money on your benefits plan this year and in the future.
 Leslie DeBoice
306-649-4000 x. 111

Lee Campbell
306-649-4000 x. 104