Check out your staff facilities and amenities: Donald Cooper

Employers love to talk about how well they treat their staff so, whenever I visit a client’s office, factory, warehouse or retail location, I ask to see the staff washrooms, lunchroom, or staff lounge. I check out what kind of chairs they’re given in their work space or, if they have to stand for long periods in one place, do they have cushioned floor mats to stand on. How is the temperature, air quality and lighting? This stuff tells me the truth about how highly the company values their Team. Actions speak louder than words!

Check out your own business or department. Do the ‘tour’ that I do. What do you see? Would you be proud to have your customers see the facilities that you provide for your team? What needs fixing or improving…and when will you start?


Iva Kestrankova is the new publisher at Collision Quarterly – an industry magazine developed by our Western Alliance Partners at the Automotive Retailer Association (ARA) in British Columbia.

Iva would like to extend our association members and suppliers a free print and digital subscription to their magazine using the online registration form: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/63c088418c402d80d8cc2dc2

The ARA currently extends it Group Benefits program to our SAAR members through our local Sunlife dealer in Saskatchewan:


To find out more about the ARA Group Benefits plan:https://www.group.ara.bc.ca/



Our February Conference is coming together nicely – with the exception that many of you did not get hotel rooms at the spa. This has been an ongoing situation not only at SAAR events, when I was in Palm Springs at the CIC event a week and a half ago, many of the attendees had to book other accommodations as the host hotel was sold out. Collision Industry people seem to be famous for waiting till the last minute to book their hotel!

Here’s a tip for our Fall Event September 7th, 8th & 9th – book your rooms early and if you cannot attend the event it is easy to simply cancel the room at least 48 hours before your arrival.

Friday the 10th we start with an evening at Bobby’s Place for drinks and bar food to knock off the work week – everyone just pays their own tab. Bobby’s place is just across the Casino parking lot on the next street south of the hotel.

Saturday – here is our agenda. Please plan to stay for the entire day if you can, there is a ton of great information being delivered throughout and you don’t want to miss Ray Kavia’s interview, his story is simply amazing!


At the conclusion of the meeting we will give out some door prizes courtesy of 3M and Adhesive Templates. If any other suppliers want to put in a door prize reach out to me at dir and I will add you to the list.