Did You Know July 19th, 2021

The Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG, www.degweb.org) is one of the best resources in the industry to improve the information you are using to get paid for your repairs – the repair plan! The DEG helps to improve  collision repair estimates through feedback from end-users like you, about vehicle-specific errors, omissions and inaccuracies in the database and labor times. In this video, we talk about how how the DEG works to address your questions, seeking additional clarification of a database value that you feel may be incorrect or a line item that requires additional notations. It can also be used to identify missing information that you feel is needed to write a complete and accurate estimate (missing labor, missing parts, missing footnotes, incorrect illustrations). You do not want to miss this one, and you are going to want to share it with every shop you know!

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Hey folks, just a reminder that Karen Klein from SGI is standing by to help you with any issues pertaining to contacting SGI Adjusters. You can contact her by emailing AutoClaimsIndustryPartner@sgi.sk.ca and she will give you prompt attention to your concerns. I got a letter from a shop last week that was wowed by her service. 

SGI Glass Process – Update

Due to high call volumes, the SGI Glass Department is asking that claims payments, requests and additions be sent by e-mail/fax moving forward.

To resolve the payment request backlog, SGI is taking the following approach:

• When a claim is submitted by email an automatic reply will be sent verifying the receipt of your e-mail and another e-mail will be sent when your escalation is resolved.

• Submissions will be sorted and urgent matters such as coverage verifications and AGS errors will be prioritized. Please include the nature of your message in the subject line.

• Payment requests will be processed in the order that they are received.

• Phone lines are not be used for claim payments, requests and additions.


• Submit all the necessary documentation including the fully completed Windshield Claims Report as well as invoices, calibration reports and the Parts Request Forms whenever applicable.

• Incomplete requests will require resubmission resulting in further delays.

• Duplicate requests may supersede your initial request and in turn delay the time it will take SGI to process your payment.

If you continue to communicate via fax, you may want to enable your fax settings to verify the receipt of your submissions.

Submitting your claims and correspondence by email will help SGI improve payment request turnaround time. Thank you for your cooperation.


Rod Jackson of Rod Jackson Enterprises is currently a sponsor of SAAR and he did a swing through the province last year, I’ve had nothing but great reviews! Here is their BIO:

 We clean exhaust stacks and booths for 60 percent of manufacturing and auto body shops in Manitoba.

I have recently had interest from numerous Saskatchewan businesses wondering if we could come out to clean their booths.

I have 28 years experience in the industry.

We are professional and accountable.

 We are coming to Saskatchewan in the middle of August to clean stacks for various body shops in Saskatoon.

If interested please drop me a line, So I can answer any questions that you may have.

Average cost  is $800.00 to $2000.00 depending on what the customer may require.

All work can be performed after hours, So there is no down time to production to customers.

 Thank You Rod Jackson 204-229-4366

Wow! I-CAR is upping their game and is now providing an I-CAR ADAS Information Library. You can check it out here: https://info.i-car.com/ADAS#Resources. There is tons of information and you will need to dig a bit to find the nuggets of information you are looking for.For example you can dig down into their calibration tips here: https://rts.i-car.com/collision-repair-news/calibration-research-tips.html 

This week I’m going to get Donald Cooper to help me with the Business Tip. The past few weeks I have given you tangible Tips on Knowing Your Numbers, finding your Breakeven Number and doing a Body Shop Budget to help you plan your financial success.

This week, with Donald’s help, we will allow you to work on some “soft” skills that are equally as important as back shop production and hard financial numbers. Help yourself and your business by taking the time to read You can’t grow your business without growing your people.