Did You Know June 2nd 2021

An Update on Aftermarket Parts

Afew weeks back I mentioned that you need to be checking to see that the aftermarket parts you are using on SGI claims are either CAPA Certified or Diamond Quality – Ciaran Downes has clarified a few issues:

“ I connected with our tech team to ensure we fully understood your concerns before responding. The wording in our policy manual regarding our after-market parts policy is not as clear as it could be and will be clarified in the next revision. 

 SGI has included non-CAPA after-market parts in our list of “approved” AM part-types, since the beginning of the program (eg. rads, condensers and DOT certified lamps). The approved AM parts matrix used to feed the Mitchell AM parts profile, restricts major “crash parts” to CAPA certified (eg. bolt-on sheet metal), but allows the use of some non-CAPA mechanical, trim pieces and brackets/clips. Many of these sundry trim items are not available through the CAPA program, but have been used successfully to repair customers’ vehicles. The appraisal policy manual includes instructions on how to report any fit/finish issues shops may encounter when using AM parts, and SGI will continue to work closely with LKQ Keystone to follow-up on any concerns and ensure that only quality AM parts are used to repair customer’s vehicles.

 SGI does not approve the use of after-market unibody structural components with the exception of CAPA certified bolt-in (composite) rad supports and diamond standard bumper energy-management components.

 SGI is committed to the use of CAPA (NSF) Certified after-market parts when available. Accredited collision repair partners can (and should) rely on the Mitchell Parts (MAPP) part substitutions. In situations where MAPP provides multiple AM part options – shop partners should always select the CAPA certified option when available (not necessarily the lowest cost AM part). “

Don’t forget to check out our SAAR website By & Sell for new items added this week. Ivan from Trudel’s Auto Body has some extra equipment for sale:

Pro-spot SP2 welder…………$5’500.00…………………..new retail is $8400

Pro-spot I5 STRSW…………….$26’000.00………………..new retail is $35’000

Uni-ram Solvent Gun Wash..$2’500.00…………………new retail is $4300

Eclipse 3D system………………$23’500.00…………………new retail is $32’000

Wedge Clamp System……….$9’000.00……………………new retail is $17’000

Check here https://www.saskautorepairers.com/posting-board/ 

The Ultimate Guide for Firing an Employee

How many of us had to learn how to do this distasteful job without any prior experience or training? I have done it many times over the years and it never gets easy but I can tell you from experience that most times after it was over many of my employees asked me why it took so long! 

I found this article in Fender Bender Magazine that may help you if you are in the unfortunate situation of having to let someone go: 


Ford: No repairs, only refinish on bumper fascias if ADAS present

There is no question that the OEM’s are flexing their muscles on proper repair procedures.

Ford on Monday issued position statements barring all bumper fascia repairs on vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems.

“Repair of bumper fascias using fillers, reinforcement tape, hot staples or plastic welding can adversely affect ADAS operation,” Ford wrote Monday in separate but essentially identical position statements for Ford and Lincoln vehicles. “For this reason, Ford Motor Company is limiting repairs on front and rear bumper fascias on all Ford Motor Company vehicles equipped with any ADAS features to topcoat refinish only. …

“Any bumper fascia damage that requires substrate repairs must be replaced.”

Ford warned that repairing “sonic-welded sensor retainer rings or tabs” is also forbidden, “due to possible misalignment and incorrect operation of the sensor.”

Ford encouraged repairers to only use new OEM parts when replacing a bumper, citing the risk someone had repaired a reconditioned or recycled one once before.

A shop’s ability to refinish the bumper fascia isn’t absolute. Ford bans topcoat refinishing which exceeds 12 mills (300 microns) of coating, and it said repairers should measure this with an ultrasonic paint thickness gauge. The OEM suggested the PosiTector 200 or Phase II UTG-2900 it sells on the official Ford equipment site Rotunda.

Finally, customers and shops might be unable to use certain bumper adornments, according to Ford. Ford says that wraps, aftermarket accessories and even bumper stickers “in the area of the fascia can create system operation concerns.”

Ford ended the position statement with a plug for using its own scan tools and following OEM procedures


From the people that brought Adhesive Templates you will soon see Headlight Tab Repair kits for popular GM and Jeep vehicles. 

The tabs are developed and manufactured in the USA.  Each tab is designed to fit a specific headlight.  They currently have tabs for the following:

2014-18  Sierra

2016-18 Silverado

2015-20 Tahoe Suburban

2018-21 Equinox

2014-21 Jeep Grand Cherokee

 They are continuing to work on new headlight fitments.  All tabs are verified through the CAPA verification process.  Tabs will be warehoused in Winnipeg, and shipped direct to bodyshops using Canada Post Priority Service.  

The USA website is  www.creativerepairsolutions.com.  When you click on “Products”, you can then scroll through the tabs for each headlight.  Clicking on the tab opens up a screen which tells you what is included in the kit, OEM Headlight part numbers it fits onto, PDF instructions, has a video of how to do it, and has the “Minimum Material Condition” document that shows you how to judge if the headlight tab can be replaced or not.

 Dave Luehr is offering an opportunity for your shop to have a breakout year. I sat in on this presentation last week and Dave has got probably the best blueprint for body shop success that I have ever seen – and I have seen a lot! What big scary goal are you pursuing this year?Are you on target? If not, or if you’d like to surpass what you thought possible in January, there is an often overlooked strategy for success: your peers!Discover how you can harness the power of a peer group for success during our next (free!) Elite Mastermind Experience Thursday, June 3rd at 11 AM CDT.  Take a sneak peek behind the curtain of how these revolutionary peer groups are helping our members experience exponential growth. This is your opportunity to take your goals and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! Here is what you can expect:Structured Coaching, organized in a way that builds as the group grows.Body Shop Toolbox – a revolutionary KPI measurement tool that allows you to know how your business is doing in real time.Access to hours of recorded and new LIVE training for you and your teams through Operations Monthly LIVE.Ideas, best practices and a sounding board from other high performers looking to improve their businesses and themselves.      
    The most recent minutes of our April 8th Tech Committee meeting are now online at the ePay site under Appraisal Procedures/Tech Committee Minutes. The key takeaways were the changes to the Feather Prime & Block allowing .3 for the first square foot then .1 for each sq ft thereafter and the .5 allowance in the Grid System for a “Reverse Crown”.    
   Can’t make it this week? Click this link and RSVP to attend onThursday, June 3rd at 11 AM CDT.