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Do any of you remember hearing about the guy that 3D printed an RV Camper in Saskatoon? Well, I had the opportunity this past week to meet Randy Janes, the owner of Wave of the Future, a firm that does innovative 3D printing here in Saskatoon.

I was not sure what to expect as I am not at all familiar with 3D printing but once he started explaining what they can do at his shop my mind started racing with all of the applications our shops and suppliers might have for this technology. Some examples might be:

  • A part that is back ordered and is weeks away could be replicated and back to your business in a day or two.
  • An idea that you have for a tool or piece of equipment and you have no idea how to make it.
  • Anything that comes only as an assembly and all you need is one small part of the assembly – they can make that for you.
  • You have an invention that you would like to have a prototype developed.

Literally, if you can imagine it, they can make it. Obviously if it is something that is commercially available it is cheaper to go to Walmart or Amazon, but even then, if you need a beefed-up version of a commercially available product they can help there as well. 

They sell 3D printers and provide training classes if you want to do your own 3D printing like Jody George did with his pop-up fish rod holders Products (catch-on.ca)

In addition, they can regenerate existing plastics into new useful products. For example, all of the plastics a body shop throws out they can grind it up and make it into something useful.

Get ahold of Randy Janes at 306-241-4919 or check them out online at Wave of the Future 3D

Our new website is up and running! Home – SAAR (saskautorepairers.com) 

We still have some work to do like putting in our sponsor information but we have our POSTING BOARD active and you can check out our Buy & Sell at Posting Board – SAAR (saskautorepairers.com) currently we have a 3D Eclipse Measuring System and a Car-O-Liner dual head MiG Welder listed. 

If you have the stuff to sell or want to do a job posting email me at dir@s-a-a-r.com and we can post it on the website.

Can you imagine working on a vehicle and having to look up OEM repair procedures – every day? That’s right, BMW recommends that you constantly review the latest OEM procedures “daily” in case anything has changed.

Further to this they have made it clear that if you are using an aftermarket product like Tech Advisor or ALLDATA they may not have the latest updates on their website!

Check out this article in Repairer Driven News

If you missed the Collision advice Webinar on March 10th you can view it here.

I encourage you to watch the video again even if you attended the live broadcast. There was a ton of information that quite frankly was, for me, rather unsettling. Things like using only OEM scan tools, proper time to do both pre and post scans, test drives being absolutely necessary. I know our insurance provider does not like to hear stuff like this but what is more important, saving a few bucks or doing a proper repair for our mutual customer?

We are looking at doing a follow up webinar with Jake Rodenroth from AsTech on Wednesday April 14th later in the day. He will provide a virtual tour of one of their offices in the USA and introduce their new Canadian Manager Jean Luc Sauriol. Stay tuned for details!

In the meantime, check out the Automotive Service Association Position Statement on Scanning Compensation here

You’re Invited to Our Free Online Event!
Women in Wrenching: How Can We Attract More Women to the Industry?

March 24, 2021, at 7 pm CT 

Take a look at almost any service center in the country and one thing is blatantly obvious — men outnumber women by a landslide. But, why is that? What can schools, shops, and dealerships be doing to make the industry more attractive to women? 

In this roundtable, we are bringing together five badass females to discuss:

1.What it’s like to work in the industry as a woman
2.How we can attract more women to the industry
3.How women can accelerate their careers within the industry

This event is FREE, but you must register here.

Michielle Noble from FO Safety Wear is one of our new corporate sponsors and she sent me the following safety tip on Fogging of Eyeglasses.

Clients have been in search of a clear solution to foggy lenses for some time, and they are not alone. Since wearing a face mask indoors has become mandatory in multiple Canadian jurisdictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic, scores of eyeglass wearers, like our clients, have been dealing with an increasingly familiar conundrum: walking into a fog at stores, malls, workplaces and other locations. “It’s really frustrating,” they say. “You have to deal with it when you’re going from outside to inside and it’s becoming more frequent in winter. It’s a real pain having to take off your glasses every time you walk into a store to wipe off the condensation.”

While it’s mostly only an inconvenience, fogging lenses can be potentially dangerous as well, like in a car or when inadvertently encountering a trip hazard. “I know that wearing a mask is important to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but I really wish I can find a way to prevent my glasses from fogging up,” one client says. Health Canada recommends wearing a non-medical face mask in shared indoor spaces to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Mask-induced fogging happens when moist, warm exhaled air, directed upwards and out of the top of the mask, hits the cooler surface of the lenses. In these COVID-19 times, the foggy lens dilemma has become so common that multiple articles have been written about potential solutions, ranging from sealing the top of the mask with a bandage to putting a folded tissue over the bridge of the nose to absorb moisture before it hits the lens. Optical companies have developed more innovative and convenient solutions that eye care professionals can recommend to patients.

FO Safety recommends Cat Crap Anti-Fog: voted the #1 anti-fog on the market! Our lens cleaner and anti-fog treatment is safe on all lenses and great for eyewear, goggles, binoculars and helmet visors. Simply rub it on and rub it off and you’re in for a clear day! It works great with our microfiber lens cleaning cloth, available at all our local dispensaries. Have a safe and FOG FREE day! 

You can reach Michelle at 306-230-5655 or mnoble@fosafetyeyewear.ca 

Did you all receive and read the March 16th, 2021 NOTICE from SGI?

Please, take a minute to read it here and give your feedback to the SGI staff listed in the Bulletin. Only by working together can we hope to improve our current communication with the adjusters – hats off to SGI for initiating this solution.

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Any of you that heard us speak at the last conference in Saskatoon know that we are very passionate about Critical Illness Insurance. We have been paid out personally, and we have paid out many clients with this benefit. Contact us to see how we can add this benefit to your financial plan to help protect you, your family, and your business.

Critical Illness Insurance gives you a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with and survive an illness covered by your plan. Having this extra measure of financial security helps give you the freedom to concentrate on what is most important – your recovery.

Make it a part of your business.

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