Registration is now open  and Trade Show Booths are being snapped up by our sponsors!
If you want to get your tickets you can go to Eventbrite and purchase them here:
If you want to book hotel rooms at the Saskatoon Inn the SAAR Rate is $139 per night and you can either call 1-306-668-9601 or go online to book your room at:
Thursday September 9th, we kick the event off with a Golf Tournament at the Legends Course in Warman. From there we head back to the hotel for a banquet, prizes and a fun night of listening to Lloyd & Sandy Giles from Midtown Auto Body in Elrose. They will be sharing their story of their 50-year career in the collision industry. You can get tickets separately for the banquet and Lloyd & Sandy – it will be a great night!
How many of you struggle to keep track of your emails and messages? I know that I do and I’m constantly trying to keep my inbox organized. I came across this neat article in Fender Bender that might help you. You can check it out here:
fenderbender – improve time management
Glue pulling has become one of the most interesting changes that I have seen in the collision industry for a few years now. Spanesi Released A New PULL UP! repair system Package, you can view it here:
The PULL UP! repair system is the fastest selling Spanesi innovation to date. Suitable for both steel and aluminum substrates, the PULL UP! is a glue-based repair system consisting of suction cups of multiple shapes and sizes, slide hammers, Electro puller (optional) and all the tools to address the most difficult repair scenarios.
Our good friend Dave Luehr is coming to Saskatoon! He plans to be at our Fall Conference and will be doing a seminar on Friday during the day, in the evening he will be at our SAAR Trade Show where he will be doing 1 on 1 mentoring with any shop that wants a ½ hour of his undivided attention. To book your 1 on 1 meeting with Dave send an email to and nail down your spot. I’m guessing he will only have time for about 6 to 8 shops so it is first come first served – I look forward to seeing who reads this newsletter and finds this offer first!
In the meantime, let’s check out Dave’s latest newsletter article.
Powerful business practices don’t necessarily have to be complicated. The misconception of ‘more is better’ pervades every industry – not just the body shop world!

The best business practices are clear and repeatable for consistent results. In every department, from the moment you unlock the door in the morning, your business follows patterns.

Your customers, however, don’t know the pattern of your business. It’s up to you and your team to guide them on their journey in a way that transforms not only their experience, but your business… 

I am still getting lots of calls and emails from shops that are struggling with SGI Adjuster issues. Please remember that SGI has selected Karen Klein as their go to person when body shops cannot connect with the original adjuster and they need an answer right away. If you need help contact Karen at

Shops that have contacted her are having great results!

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved.”

 — Charles F. Kettering
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The ARA Group Benefits plan has proven to offer significant savings and stable renewals. The association group plan is insured by Sun Life and is one of the largest in Canada, covering over 3,000 employees and their families. All revenue generated by the plan is used to support the automotive industry through the ARA. What is the difference of an association plan? The ARA employee benefits plans are self-administered by the association which runs as a not for profit. This means that members of the plan can use more plan for less cost than any other plan available outside of the association. For example, the ARA can obtain a target loss ratio (TLR) of 85%. This is 15-20% higher than most employee benefits plans offered in Saskatchewan. What is a target loss ratio? It is essentially the percentage of premiums paid that can be used towards benefits. Most plans offer a TLR of 70%, while the other 30% goes to administration costs, commissions, etc. Since ARA self-administers, it can increase your TLR by 15% meaning employees can use more of the plan without the worry of seeing an increase in premiums the following year. What does this all mean for SAAR members? Well to start, it is the opportunity to participate in one of the largest, longest running and most stable association plans in Canada. You have the chance to get more out of your group benefits plan while saving money along the way. So far, we have seen a 5-25% savings in premiums along with many improvements to current benefit plans. We encourage you to take full advantage of this opportunity. How do I get on the plan? First, we would gather information and supply you with a quote. We will provide you with a comparison if you currently have a plan. We will also help you to analyze your plan to ensure you have the coverage you and your employees need. If you feel satisfied, we will implement the new plan the following month. If you wish, getting a quote is free and only takes about 10 minutes out of your day to supply us with the proper information. If you wish to obtain a free quote and comparison, please feel free to contact one of our team members and we will happily help. We look forward to working with you! Leslie DeBoice                         Lee Campbell                             Ken Campbell306-649-4000 x.111               306-649-4000 x.104               306-649-4000 x.