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ATTENTION: Appraisal Services is pleased to announce our New Estimator Training (Phase 5). This training is intended as a start to finish (claim dispatch to Final Supplement) session of the administrative steps involved in successful interaction with SGI. There will be a limited number of spots available per session to allow for a more interactive experience for participants.

Some highlights of the Phase 5 training will include:

1.Getting a Dispatch Assignment (repair firm writes the original estimate)

2.Pulling a Repair Assignment (SGI written original estimates)   

3.What if unable to Pull in the assignment

4.Steps in Writing an Estimate   

5.Communicating with SGI              

6.Adding additional damage on the estimate (supplement)     

7.Total-Loss Teardown Allowance

8.Total Loss Handling Workflow


10.Submitting your Estimate or Supplemented Estimate 


12.Correction Supplement

13.Photos, Photos, Photos

14.Helpful Hints

15.SGI ePay Portal 


17.Contact list     

If you have staff that you think would benefit from one of these sessions, please register into one of the following 4 dates below (each session is limited to 50 participants):

Please limit your registration to one participant per shop.

Tuesday, April 13, 8:30 AM -12:00 PM
Register here – Click here to register for April 13 session 
Wednesday, April 21, 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Register here – Click here to register for April 21 session
Tuesday, May 11, 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Register here – Click here to register for May 11 session 
Wednesday, May 19, 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Register here – Click here to register for May 19 session 

Once classes are full, shops will receive Phase 5 training session links for their selected training dates from Appraisal Services.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Appraisal Services


As part of the Safe and Quality Auto Repair Project (SQARP) and the 2021 updated accreditation model, SGI

Appraisal Services hosted four SQARP training/educational Sessions:

1. Jan. 26, 2021: Overview of the new Accreditation Program Changes

2. Feb. 2, 2021: Overview of the new KPI Model

3. Feb. 16, 2021: Overview of the new Performance Management Program

4. Feb. 23, 2021: Overview of the new High Performance Partner Program

These sessions were recorded and have since been placed on the ePay portal for all accredited shops to review at their leisure. Additionally, during the sessions, there were a series of questions raised by the repair shops in attendance. In the accompanying appendices, SGI has provided answers to each question:

• Appendix 1: Overview of the new Accreditation Program Changes

• Appendix 2: Overview of the new KPI Model

• Appendix 3: Overview of the new Performance Management Program

• Appendix 4: Overview of the new High Performance Partner Program

How Testing Can Help You Find Your Next Employee

Have you ever used personality profile testing? Check out this article in Fender Bender!

Are you looking for a neat little “Thank You” idea for your customers? Sirius XM has a promotion called Service Lane for Shops. Build loyalty with a 3-Month All Access Package for your auto service and repair customers. No strings attached. No credit card required.

Available on all qualifying vehicles* equipped with SiriusXM, regardless of manufacturer. No shop assistance is required to activate trials for service customers. Available to your shop at no cost. Sign up via the link below

Lots of exciting developments at Estimate Scrubber! They have introduced a feature called “Scrubber Wiki” where shops will be able to post comments about repair procedures, things to watch for, and leave advice for the users to save time and headache on repairs. An example might be that if you order a quarter panel for a Cadillac or a Chevy Cruise there could be a reminder to order the special GM Blind Rivets to attach the bottom section of the panel. Nothing worse than getting a job in the shop and not having the materials to complete it!  

In addition, they have added access to the Data Enhancement Gateway (DEG) to look for estimating changes that have not been published. They are also able to check an estimate against other vehicles of the same make/model that the shop has scrubbed. So, for example, if you are scrubbing a Ford F-150 it will check for past F-150’s repaired and show metrics for those past jobs (items added, labor/price and other items, etc.) so you can quickly compare how this estimate stacks up against others you did for the same make/model. We are adding a link as well so you can view the old estimates as well.

We heard it would be helpful (especially on vehicles you infrequently repair) to have them at your fingertips as a reference, or for an inexperienced estimator to be able to use the prior repairs as a reference point. Keep in mind it is always recommended to review OEM procedures to see if anything has changed. 

I plan to spend some time over the next few weeks working with the Scrubber guys to fine-tune the SAAR profile. Stay tuned for more information on this in the next month or so.


SGI is also happy to announce the following paint material rate increases effective 

April 1, 2021:

1) Water-borne Paint Material will increase from $55.25 to $57.94 per hour of refinish time. Included in this figure is Hazardous Waste Disposal; and

2) Imron Paint Material will increase from $67.57 to $70.86 per hour of refinish time. Included in this figure is Hazardous Waste Disposal.

Put up a poster near every computer where your staff does their estimates and make sure somebody updates your material rate. By the way, Estimate Scrubber is great at catching these kinds of things!

Our SAAR website is up and running at

Check out our Posting Board for used equipment and job opportunities!
Here is the latest job posting from Bennett Dunlop Ford

This site is a work in progress so keep track of the changes we will be making in the weeks ahead; you will soon be able to access past Did You Know? Newsletters and be kept up to date on SAAR events.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday April 14th for an online tour of one of AsTech’s call centers in the USA. Jake Rodenroth and Jean-Luc Sauriol will be updating us on all the latest services that they are able to provide for their Canadian customers.

In addition, they will be sharing some calibration tips and things to watch for. I’m just waiting for the actual time and length of the presentation which I will forward to you when I get it.

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Any of you that heard us speak at the last conference in Saskatoon know that we are very passionate about Critical Illness Insurance. We have been paid out personally, and we have paid out many clients with this benefit. Contact us to see how we can add this benefit to your financial plan to help protect you, your family, and your business.

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Make it a part of your business.

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