Did You Know May 19th, 2021

5 Reasons to Follow OEM Repair Procedures

Check out this article from Maraya King from ADAPT Technology Summit. https://www.adaptautomotive.com/articles/1021-every-car-every-timeoem-repair-procedures 

She points out the liability for every repair your shop does is on you – not the insurance company. OEM repair procedures change often and you cannot assume that the repair you are doing today is the same as it was yesterday so you must research repair procedures every time you do a job. Aftermarket information providers are getting better at keeping up with OEM procedures but to be absolutely sure, you should be accessing the OEM’s directly.

One interesting comment: Barry Dorn from Dorn’s Body & Paint Inc says his shop charges by the hour for the time spent researching repair manuals. Currently most insurance companies absolutely refuse to pay for researching OEM procedures – do you think they should?

How much time on average do your technicians spend researching repair procedures for each job that they do?

After months of prioritizing what Technical issues to tackle our Technical Committee is in the process of working through the list in rapid succession. You have seen changes to the Mask for Overspray and the Grid System (reverse crown) and you can expect to hear more changes coming to things like Adhesive Templates, Weld Burn Through, Battery Maintenance, Fill Sand & Feather, Vehicle Test Drives, Battery Maintenance for Scanning and Structural Measuring. 

As you are aware collision repair shops have to  do glass repair and replacement for rates that were not negotiated by the collision industry. Currently body shops have to live by an agreement made by the Glass Repair Industry and SGI – have you ever seen the agreement? You can check it out here.

I have contacted SGI and asked that they review how this agreement is not being followed in its entirety, for example many glass shops are able to charge $225 for some dynamic recalibrations. 

I am confident that SGI will address some of the iniquities that currently exist between glass shops and body shops. In addition, I anticipate that SGI may look at allowing glass claims to go through the Image Desk rather than the Glass Desk and allow for quicker payment of auto glass claims with ADAS calibrations. 

Don’t expect changes overnight as this process will take time, just read the glass agreement and learn to understand what your rights and responsibilities are.

With the announcement of the reopen Saskatchewan Plan by the Sask Party Government I am confident that SAAR will be able to host an in-person Fall Conference this coming September 9th, 10th & 11th. 

Details will be forthcoming but I am planning to have a Golf Tournament for shops and suppliers to connect and network on Thursday the 9th, a seminar followed by an industry Trade Show in Friday September 10th and our regular AGM Meeting on Saturday September 11th.

The host hotel is the Saskatoon Inn in Saskatoon, mark your calendars and start making plans!