Roy Williams, known as the Wizard of Ads, does a weekly Monday Morning Memo that I subscribe to. Each “Memo” has a theme and then has a number of links that further explore his opening comments. The “Memo” below is from September 13th, 2021. I quite enjoyed how he sets up his message on culture, I hope you do as well.

Jeffrey Eisenberg and I had lunch in a Japanese restaurant on April 28, 2007. I know this because he said something I quickly wrote down and later added to my Random Quotes database: “Marketers are paid to make promises that businesses have no intention of keeping.”

Jeffrey wasn’t talking about marketing; he was talking about company culture, that invisible component that causes businesses to rise or fall.

We humans search for

1.     Identity (Who am I? What do I believe?)
2.     Purpose (What am I supposed to do? Why am I here?)
3.     Adventure (What must I overcome?)

Identity, Purpose, and Adventure are what lives are built upon.

Story, Culture, and Experience are what businesses are built upon.

According to Ray Seggern,1.     Story is what your business tells the public in your ads. Is your story a fairy tale or is it a mirror?
2.     Culture is an inside job. You cannot buy it or outsource it. It is what your employees feel when they work for you.
3.     Experience is what your employees deliver to your customer. Does it live up to the Story you told?Did you notice the parallels in those two lists?

The Story you tell the public is a statement of your Purpose, but the Culture of your company is your true Identity, and the Experience you deliver to your customer will forever be your big Adventure, the forever source of your challenges, obstacles, and difficulties.

Ray Seggern says that Story, Culture, and Experience are the 3 touch points on the ever-spinning flywheel of business, and when they align, they create that perfect vortex of perpetual reinforcement and ever-increasing momentum that lift your business to breathtaking heights of profitability and fame.

The Story you tell determines the Experience your customer expects. But whether or not your customer receives it will be determined by your Culture.

Owners and managers like to believe their customers are receiving the experience they intended for them to have. But the best intentions are no match for company culture.

In the famous words of Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Company culture is what causes businesses to rise or fall.

Are you ready to work on your culture? Are you ready for your next big adventure?

If you want to work on your culture, you should check out Don Pogoda’s video on The Game of Work. Better yet, contact and have him come and speak to your people.

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7 Mistakes Shops Make When Recruiting Technicians

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Just wanted to highlight a somewhat common ordering error that can be made…on the GMC Sierra 2019 – Current model year…there are two “Sierra” nameplates available for the rear tailgate.  There’s a longer one (23400374) that goes in the center of the gate below the GMC, and there is also a smaller one (84287337) that goes on the lower right-hand side…what is on the truck depends on the trim level…typically the Denali has the 84287337 and the other trims have the 23400374.  It’s best to verify by VIN to ensure you order the correct part number, as the photo on our website looks the same for both.  To help with this, we have added a note to each of those templates as to their overall measurement…. hopefully that makes it easier for you to identify it as well.

Other than that, I hope you all have a great day today!  Any feedback or advice is always welcome!          
Dan Bernier
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PDR Survey!
Should Max to Repair Time for PDR or Traditional Repair of Hail Damaged Panels be increased to 100%?
 Currently PDR of hail damaged panels is capped at 75% of the cost to replace the panel based on a mock estimate. We think this policy was initially adopted to gain acceptance of PDR from the body shop industry. Today we find that in some cases PDR shops will not tackle a PDR repair fearing that the paint may crack and they will be on the hook for refinishing the panel. In other instances the PDR might only total 85% of the cost to replace the panel and thus would be cheaper than replacing the panel. The advantages of 100% repair for the shops include: Better Cycle Times, Less invasive Repairs, Potentially Higher Gross Profit to the Shop (if repaired traditionally), Less Environmental Impact, less car loaners and better CSI due to repairs done faster. The advantages for SGI include: potentially some cost savings on repairs including less total losses, less car rental and less BOR situations. The 100% repair threshold is the standard is most other provinces. SGI would like your feedback before commiting to this change.

Can you take a minute of your time to click on the link below and answer 3 quick questions?