Our 2021 Fall Conference is finally in the books and I believe it was a truly wonderful event for all in attendance thanks to our many sponsors who so generously support SAAR with a yearly sponsorship. This money helps offset the costs of events like our Fall Conference especially due to the fact that we now hire a professional audio and video company to record and film the event. By doing this we capture the thoughts of our speakers and we are able to make them available to our members to view them online at their leisure. Please take a minute to visit our webpage to see who the sponsors are and if you deal with them, please – thank them for their support! You can view our sponsors here: https://www.saskautorepairers.com/sponsors/
A special thanks to Enterprise Rent A Car for helping with registration, notepads and pens, shuttling golfers to and from the golf course, supplying golf prizes, wine for the Friday Fall Supper and many other details that I needed done to make this event work. Adam Watt behind the scenes and Jennifer Empey front and center – thank you!
For those of you that wish to view any of the conference videos you can go to https://app.frame.io/reviews/3ade2ad6-8feb-4bd8-838f-4a85bab43bfa/8cade45b-d4d1-44c2-a8f2-9a769dcf3bc2 and watch any of the presentations.
Many of you had to leave on Saturday morning due to travel limitations but I strongly encourage you to check out Paul Martin’s talk about the coming Saskaboom 2.0 at this link https://youtu.be/EFlSMrkE2BA
Speaking of reviewing presentations SGI has kindly forwarded a PDF version of the PowerPoint that they presented on Saturday morning September 11th. You can view the video in the link above and access the PDF file by clicking here One slide that really stood out for me was the top reasons that estimates were rejected by SGI:

 I believe we need to work with SGI to eliminate or minimize the top 5 items on this list but I believe most of these items could be eliminated if we concentrate on two areas:Missing PhotosNo documentationIf we could have better documentation and communication, we would erase many of these pain points and I know just how to make this happen – every certified body shop should have a computerized shop management system. The proper system would allow your employees to take pictures of damaged vehicles with their cell phones, attach an explanatory note to them and then automatically send the photo to the file which can then be easily uploaded to Mitchell Connect. A shop management system allows all users to add notes to the file so that all stakeholders – the customer, the shop, your suppliers and SGI – have access to all details of the file. Finally, a shop management system can be used to order and receive parts automatically, adjusting for any parts price changes.
Folks, with SQARP you now have a high-tech world class back shop, it is time to do the same to your front office. We have three body shop management companies that are sponsors of SAAR and I urge you to reach out to them for more information: Body Shop Connect, ImEX Systems Inc and Mitchell Repair Center. The link to the SGI presentation is here: https://youtu.be/jtnfXxzhfWQ
Currently we have an interim agreement in place with regards to weld testing and this obviously requires more work but we do not have anything in place for “Accessing Repair Information” which our Technical Committee will be discussing with SGI at our next meeting on October 7th.
Thank you to the body shops that responded to the PDR Max to Repair Survey. The question was simply “Do you support raising the repair threshold to 100% of Replacement Cost instead of the current 75%?”
I like the analogy of Open-Heart Surgery. Although still performed today it has largely been replaced by laparoscopic heart surgery which is far less invasive. Open heart surgery usually requires a 10 to14 day stay in the hospital, the first few days in intensive care followed by a lengthy recovery period – mainly due to the surgeon having to cut through your breastbone and potentially breaking your ribs to access the heart. Laparoscopic surgery involves poking small holes between the ribs to access the heart, has a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery time and is much safer than open heart procedures where complications like bleeding and infection can occur.
Can you imagine a group of Open-Heart Surgeons complaining that the Laparoscopic surgeons are taking their work away?
82% of body shops agreed that it would be beneficial for all stakeholders to increase the Max to Repair to 100%.
For those of you that did not agree, based on your answers, some of you are more concerned about what the benefit is to you and your business rather than what is in the best interest of the vehicle owner – never mind the benefit to SGI and the environment.
You can view the results and comments of the survey here:
My friend Ben Gareau asked about putting a help wanted ad in our newsletter, he is not trying to Poach anyone or cause issues with other shops, rather he is letting it be known that he is looking for help and if you or anyone you know is looking for work in Saskatoon have them contact Ben. 
Advantage Collision Saskatoon is looking to hire an
Auto Body Estimator/Job Planner
 Advantage Collision is a family-owned Saskatchewan auto body repair shop company with locations in Saskatoon and Prince Albert. We offer competitive wages and benefits and provide a good work setting with plenty of training opportunities. Advantage Collision
shops are SGI Accredited, I-CAR Gold Class shops as well as OEM Certified through Certified Collision Care.
Job Summary:
Reporting to the Operations and Body Shop Managers, y ou will be passionate about providing an exceptionally accurate and profitable estimate while consistently being thorough in the research required for completing a world class repair. You will be aware of insurance company key performance indicators and how they are affected by your decisions and actions. The Estimator plays a pivotal role in the success of the customer’s experience by ensuring each appraisal outlines the required repairs to ensure a timely, efficient and quality repair while working in communication with all team members in achieving the repair facility’s goals.
● Maintaining a friendly demeanor while performing duties around the body shop.
● Examine and accurately estimate vehicles to determine the extent of structural, body, mechanical, electrical, refinish, and interior damage.
● Accurately verify the information and complete estimates in a timely manner.
● Clear communication between the production staff and administrative staff.
● Ensure proper documentation, photos, OEM procedures, parts research and all other information
are completed and uploaded.
● Maintain a positive and professional relationship with our insurance companies.
● Complete and Maintain required training including I-CAR Platinum training.
● Participate in production and/or other shop meetings.
● Adhere to policies and procedures as presented in the employee manual.
Qualifications and Abilities:
● Experience and knowledge in auto body repair and estimating
● Knowledgeable of body shops specific software programs such as body shop management programs, Mitchell Cloud Estimating, UltraMate, Mitchell Connect, Mitchell Tech Advisor, Sun Collision or other similar programs
● Familiar with OEM Repair Procedures, and SGI policies and procedures.
● Communicate and negotiate with insurance claims staff members.
● Ability to work well in a team and on your own initiative.
● Ability to multi-task and keep organized in a timely manner.
● Detail-oriented and accurate in all work and communication.
For more information contact ben@advantagecollision.ca

One strategy that has become more and more popular for business owners is using insurance as an investment tool. More specifically, Shared Ownership Critical Illness. Now if you haven’t heard of critical illness coverage, it is a onetime payout if the insured falls ill to one of the 26 covered Critical Illnesses, such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc.

Shared ownership is an insurance strategy that can be used for large sums of tax-free income. Both the business owner and the business share the policy; both pay a portion of the premium. With the Return of Premium on Cancellation option, if you do not make a claim within 15 years and you decide to cancel the policy, all premiums that have been paid are returned, tax free personally to the owner. This allows you to have coverage, while knowing that if there is no claim, your premiums will be returned to you personally, tax free. Canada is the last country on earth that has this option on critical illness and there has been immense pressure for companies to abandon the product.

Contact us to see how we can add this benefit to your financial plan to help protect you, your family, and your business.
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